Paranormal History

I have investigated and participated in paranormal activities since early childhood, but kept most of it secret from my public life in business, government and industry. I am considered by some as a gifted psychic and intuitive healer, with occasional visions of the past and future.

Professional Background

My media experience covers radio, television and movies, but also publishing and writing books and screenplays. I have numerous books for sale on Amazon including two paranormal thrillers.

Radio, Television and Movie Experience

I have produced programs for radio and television as well as being an extra in a Hollywood movie.

Books and Other Publications

My novels, poetry, music and technical books are available on Amazon, but my book "Psychic Self-Defense for the 21st Century" is only available in digital format, and only directly from me through e-mail request.

Public Speaking

My public speaking started in childhood and continued on throughout my life in hundreds of formats from large international forums to small classrooms with my audiences including students at all levels of education, the public, and members of industry, government and business.