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SHOW 8: Rick Tobin's 2020 Predictions

Join us for our annual predictions show at Destiny Echoes. This show got moved out of order a bit because, well, it was recorded in December and in January everyone wants to know about the year ahead. Rick tries to be positive, but he also doesn't pull any punches about the challenges the year offers. Still, he offers that there are many positive breakthroughs, including in medicine, that should give us all hope for the years ahead.



Rick will start his show, again, from the beginning, so all of those who missed his first 8 shows will get a chance to hear them, again, on his new home, Empower Radio, the source for positive thought.


Someday We'll Be Live

We how have a permanent home on Empower Radio. I'll let you know how to join us on our voyages when we go live. For now, listen to our recorded podcasts and join us on an ever growing list of guests and topics into 2020 on Empower Radio. We'll also features video conferences and video blogging later in 2020.