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Destiny Echoes Is an Exciting New Podcast



Upcoming News

In 2020, Destiny Echoes will be featured each week on Empower Radio: 

Listener Comments in 2019

  • "...the way Yolande expresses everything makes it very legit - none of the  "airey fairie" aspect or trying to make herself seem like a guru about  it.  I SO appreciate you and Yolande putting it out there  that people should just do what they can in their own neighborhood and  with the people they come into contact with." W.V.W  California
  • "Started listening to latest program.  'fascinating', as Spock would say."  GL California
  • "Best one yet Rick.  The new format is much better." MC California
  •  "Wow!"  TA  San Antonio, Texas
  • "Life is destined as we have all discovered. It shows itself in the face of everything that is occurring in today's world."  EC New York
  • "Like I said, my phone is blowing up over here with people excited over the show!!!" BN California 

Take Advantage of Rick's Offering of Art and Books

It's time for the gift-giving season. Why not consider purchasing some of the fine art posters and prints listed on the site, or purchase some of Rick's books on Amazon?

Big News Ahead

Rick will be developing a panel composed of his guests to provide predictions for future events, starting in 2020.


If you have a question about the show, the host, or guests, I'll post them here so all my listeners have a chance to read them and my response.